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Welcome Aboard the Research Vessel Moira

Click for a tour of The Research Vessel Moira.Do you believe in destiny? Do you feel each creature in our world has a special role to play? Have you ever wondered about the role of humans, and about your own place in the scheme of things? Have amazing coincidences ever happened to you that simply could not be chance, or rationally explained? Questions like these drew me into biology, then into evolutionary science. The more I discovered, the stranger it all seemed.

Life is so complex that science, until very recently, could not say what it was. Life is also so simple that even the smallest bacterium does it with no problem at all. You and I grew ourselves from a single egg. We repair and guide our fabulously complex body without a clue as to how it works or why. Most humans on our planet could not say how many bones there are in their hand, yet each one of us grew our own hands and can do amazing things with them. We each have a mind capable of creating and operating ourself, but our conscious mind has no access to it. Why not? There are controls at work, but what are they? How on earth do they work?

Join Freddy and me on a global quest to seek the answers. Together we will reveal the threads that weave our becomming from the cosmos. It is a voyage beyond the horizons of perceptions into This Magic Sea of knowledge. Our expedition will take us deep into the South Pacific where we will visit some of the most unusual and beautiful places on Earth. This is a real expedition, carefully documented, and though it will seem very strange at times, it is an accurate account.

Thread of Awareness Matrix Pre-Briefing Notes

You can participate on three levels;

1. Sharing the true life experience of the expedition in the Log of the Research Vessel Moira in the South Pacific.

2. Making unexpected discoveries within This Magic Sea as we explore the ancient Thread of Awareness in Chaos woven by the creatures of Sea.

3. Improving your ability to perceive the Thread of Awareness in Chaos and navigate into and through This Magic Sea.

It is something of a challenge, discovering all there is to discover about the thead of awareness matrix within the world wide web (a primary circuit in the electronic mind of man). Consider it a test of your exploratory skills.

Or, if you would like to know where all the files are located, use the Navigation Tables (Table of Contents) that lists all of the files on this matrix in sequential order. You might wish to bookmark the table of contents to find your way back to a particular subject. Otherwise follow your instincts, if you see something that interests you, go that way and see where you wind up.

To download the complete Thread of Awareness matrix with larger images click here.

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