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Table of Contents for the Log of the Moira

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Log Book 1 - Error of Expectations - Voyage from Taiwan to Australia

1.   Maiden Voyage with Pirates
2.   The Dragon and the Pearl
3.   Pirates, Pirates, Everywhere
4.   Typhoon
5.   A Philippine Hernia
6.   Through the Philippines 
7.   Island Hopping in the Philippines
8.   This Magic Sea
9.   Surprise in Palau
10. Crazy on the Equator
11. Squalling in the Doldrums
12. Of Hermits and Reefs
13. You Won't Believe This
14. Headwinds to the Solomons
15. The Three Sisters of the Solomons
16. The Fourth Sister
17. Paradise
18. The Medical Sorcerer
19. The Holy Mama
20. Witch Doctor to Windward
21. Mindscapes
22. Mind Games
23. Mind Survival Training
24. Cachalot Neural Traces
25. Downwind to Oz
26. Evolution Said the Whale,
            Say What? Said the Cat
27. Watershed of Evolution
28. Kaleidoscopic Mana Mania
29. The One Who Thinks
30. Kaleidoscope the World
31. The Third Person
32. I Knew This Would Happen


Log Book 2 Interval of Surprise - has two parts. The first part is in Papua New Guinea.

1.  Pearls, Pearls, Pearls.
2.   What Am I Doing Here?
3.   Black, White and Grey in Paradise
4.   Dubious Mission to Tagula
5.   Words Appart
6.   Rascals in Paradise
7.   Pearl Diving in Doga Sui Sui Pass.
8.   American Spies
9.   The Giant Man Eating Octopus
10. The Great Ebony Caper
11. The Uplift Factor
12. Planned Failure
13. A Tangled Web
14. Opposition
15. Midnight Sun
16. Lapi in the Isles of Love
17. Unchartered Waters
18. Unnamed Island
19. The Isles of Love
20. Earthlings
21. Nothing Atoll
22. Super-Organisms in Time Lapse
23. People of the Sea
24. Coral Fires Burning
25. Symbiotic Coral Megabeasts
26. Symbiosis
27. A Handy Experiment
28. Destiny in Action
29. Keops and Kaleidoscopes
30. Poisoned and Dying in Sidea
31. Dire Straits
32. PNG Update


Part 2 is in Australia:

1.   The Ancient Respected Oracle
2.   The Eye of the Dolphin
3.   The Sydney Dolphin Cult
4.   Water Wings
5.   The Sydney Dolphin Connection
6.   Dolphinarium in Sydney Australia, a 40 foot swimming pool in a lion park.
7.   Dolphin communication - how do dolphins call for help?
8.   Starlight Starbright
9.   Captive Dolphins - death by stress, suicide and sacrifice - potent appeals for freedom.
10. The politics of dolphin liberation
11. The Sun Heralds the Sydney Dolphins
12. Captive dolphins in a 40 foot swimming pool - a confrontation on TV.
13. Media support for release of captive dolphin from 40 foot swimming pooll
14. Australian Government and Environmental Groups against Dolphin Liberation
15. Dolphins in Captivity - it's not nice to do that to dolphins
16. Dolphins in Captivity - Media support for a public referendum in Sydney, Australia
17. The Australian Media Campaign to free captive dolphins
18. Dolphins sentenced to die in captivity
19. Wild Orcas in the wake of the Moira
20. Dolphin Update   
21. Man and Dolphin, a disinterested friendship?


Log Book 3 Megabeast Perception - Voyage from Elizabeth Reef to

New Caledonia, Fiji, Wallis, Samoa, and American Samoa.