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The Log of the Research Vessel Moira

Welcome Aboard. This is the report of the Moira's expedition into the South Pacific. Join us as we follow the trail of the mysterious Moirae  to discover and observe first hand The Thread of Awareness unfolding within This Magic Sea.

Captain Freddy at the helm of the Research Vessel Moira.


Frederique Lesne (mostly called Freddy) is Captain of the Research Vessel Moira.

Born in French Morocco (North Africa), Freddy is a delightful mixture of humanity, mostly French, with Mongolian and Italian genes mixed in to add spice to her extraordinary skills.

Her ancestors were corsairs (pirates that paid booty to the King of France). They settled in North Africa just prior to all the beheading of the French Revolution. Her Grandfather was an adept at dousing and other interesting and related perceptions. When Freddy was a baby she became very ill. Her Grandfather injected her with sea water and the illness vanished, leaving behind a child of the sea.

I am Richard Chesher, Ph.D., your expedition facilitator, photographer, author, publisher and marine biologist.

I'm fascinated in  the process of becoming; evolution of the grand scheme of life and of each individual life - like yours, mine, or the myriad beings that share our planet with us.

From the viewpoint of the creatures in the process of evolving, the forces controling what happens to them are totally invisible and, to them, unknowable. The ancient Greeks thought the forces of fate were three sisters,  the Moirae. It's where the name of the boat, Moira, originated. Together, we can stalk the three sisters of fate and develop special methods to observe them and find out how they work. It won't be easy, but it will be interesting.   Here is what you'll find on this expedition:

I hope you enjoy your expedition to This Magic Sea. As scientist aboard the Research Vessel Moira, I assure you that the information reported here is factual.
Click here to voyage to the Solomon Islands The first cruise follows the invisible wake of the Moirae from Taiwan to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Australia. Along the way we make a series of discoveries about impossible cooincidences called synchronicities. Our detective work unravels (with the help of a Cachalot whale) an astonishing awareness of This Magic Sea.
Click here to become involved in the Dolphin Caper The second cruise heads to New Guinea to explore the wonder of This Magic Sea in the full richness and diversity of the Louisiades and Trobriand Island culture and in isolated ocean wildernesses. Returning to Australia, we are immediately captured by an ancient sage and set on a quest to rescue three ancient sea spirits from the clutches of evil.
Click here to seek out the Megabeast of the South Pacific. The third cruise begins in a violent storm on a submerged atoll called Elizabeth Reef in the middle of the Tasman Sea. The trail leads to New Caledonia, the Loyalty Islands, Fiji, Wallis Island, Western Samoa and ends far out in the middle of the Pacific on the island of Tutuila. This is the hydrographic phase of the voyage when we attempt to chart This Magic Sea - spending quite a lot of time in New Caledonia and Fiji along the way.
mapthm.gif (7826 bytes) Navigation charts show the route of the Moira. You get to the charts by clicking the icon of the sailboat at the bottom of this page, and at the end of every page of the log. On the chart, click on the place names to go to that leg of the cruise. You can return to the home page from anywhere by clicking on Moira clotho as she weaves the thread of awareness. Or you can go to the last or next consecutive part of the story by clicking on the left or right navigation markers below.

There are hyperlinks to other parts of the Moirae's communication web scattered throughout the log book. 

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