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Sailing and Cruising the South Pacific

Cruising the South Pacific is a way to experience the magic of the sea and expand your personal thread of awareness and expectations to fit the actuality of the islands.

There are 22 Pacific Island countries, hundreds of islands, thousands of anchorages you can visit on your vacation in the South Pacific. All the Islands in the South Pacific have their own character, their own lifestyle, their special culture. You could visit the Melanesian islands, and Cruise the Solomon Islands, go cruising in Papua New Guinea, cruising Fiji, cruising New Caledonia, cruising Vanuatu or head for the Polynesian islands and go cruising Samoa or go for the Micronesian islands cruising Palau, or, easiest off go cruising Australia, or any other of the 22 South Pacific island nations.

If you visit vanuatu aboard a yacht of any description you'll certainly visit Yachting World Vanuatu , they provide diesel fuel for vanuatu yachts , WiFi internet service, a sea wall marina vanuatu and moorings vanuatu for yachts from all over the world.

Get the cruising Broken Bay nautical guide so you would know all about the Pittwater and Broken Bay sailing grounds and the cruising guide to vanuatu, with vanuatu satellite photo charts and vanuatu aerial images of 140 anchorages covering every Vanuatu island. A satellite based cruising guide for New Caledonia has a wealth of information about New Caledonia.

There are general tourism guides of interest to cruisers planning to visit an exotic country, such as the tourism guide to vanuatu.

You can cruise the South Pacific aboard your own yacht, you could yacht charter in Australia to Learn about yachting and or charter a yacht where you intend to cruise and save yourself the time and expense of a lengthy passage along the Australian coastline as well as day training cruises in Pittwater and Broken Bay. Cruising Broken Bay Australia is not to be missed as a great adventure experience in Sydney Australia.

You'll also need to know what the cruising weather is going to be like whenever you go sailing. If you sail when the weather is nice you'll always have a good trip. The secret is picking the best time to go and going when the time is right. This is called finding the right weather window for sailing. However, if you go with a captained yacht charter, the captain takes care of all the details leaving you and your family free to enjoy the adventure.

Don't forget that cruising requires a certain mind set and awareness, you need something to do while cruising. Like diving in the New Caledonia Lagoon,or game fishing in vanuatu.