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The track of the Moira in Papua New Guinea


Cruising PNG

Click on "Start" on the map above to go to that location - or use the links below.

Table of Contents

1.  Pearls, Pearls, Pearls.
2.   What Am I Doing Here?
3.   Black, White and Grey in Paradise
4.   Dubious Mission to Tagula
5.   Words Appart
6.   Rascals in Paradise
7.   Pearl Diving in Doga Sui Sui Pass.
8.   American Spies
9.   The Giant Man Eating Octopus
10. The Great Ebony Caper
11. The Uplift Factor
12. Planned Failure
13. A Tangled Web
14. Opposition
15. Midnight Sun
16. Lapi in the Isles of Love
17. Unchartered Waters
18. Unnamed Island
19. The Isles of Love
20. Earthlings
21. Nothing Atoll
22. Super-Organisms in Time Lapse
23. People of the Sea
24. Coral Fires Burning
25. Symbiotic Coral Megabeasts
26. Symbiosis
27. A Handy Experiment
28. Destiny in Action
29. Keops and Kaleidoscopes
30. Poisoned and Dying in Sidea
31. Dire Straits
32. PNG Update


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The report of the Research Vessel Moira in Papua New Guinea


Moira sets sail for Papua New Guinea with three primary objectives:

1. Conduct a survey of the pearl oysters of PNG at the request of the PNG Fisheries Department

2. Conduct a survey of the fisheries resources of the Milne Bay district to evaluate the proposed construction of a Fish Freezing plant in Manus.

3. Continue scientific exploration of the process of evolution of our living planet.

But that summary does not give you even an inkling of what this report is about. Click on the green marker above to get on with the story.

What follows now is a general, rambling, inconsequential, trivial discussion on travel and tourism in the South Pacific that has absolutely nothing at all to do with the research report or the story - so I recommend you quit reading this and dive right into the report of the Moira in PNG.



South Pacific Travel Information

Frederique and I have been residents in the South Pacific Islands now for over 35 years. During that time we have produced a huge volume of photographs, guides, and articles about tourism in this interesting and beautiful part of the world. Almost all of this is on the Internet and what follows are links to this travel information in the off-chance that you might be thinking about traveling to this part of the Pacific yourself.


Sailing as a lifestyle in the South Pacific

Cruising often requires expert professional assistance, especially in New Caledonia where most everyone speaks French. the best Yacht Agent in Noumea is Noumea Ocean.

Vanuatu Travel Information


Cruising Guide to Vanuatu

There is a terrific Windows or Mac cruising guide to vanuatu, with vanuatu satellite photo charts and vanuatu aerial images of 140 anchorages covering every Vanuatu island.

Vanuatu is a popular cruising area for yachts, each year hundreds of blue water yachts from around the world come to Port Vila to tie up to Yachting World's marina and moorings. The best Vanuatu marine weather site to watch is on www.cruising-vanuatu.com.

Order a copy of the Vanuatu cruising guide for the very best cruising guide available for any sailing destination. This is, like the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu, based on satellite and aerial imagery of Vanuatu.

Travel Guide to Vanuatu

The Rocket Travel Guide to Vanuatu is a Windows or Mac tourism guide to Vanuatu . It is created by Tellus Consultants , and Rocket Guides professional photographers.

The guide starts off with a NASA satellite view of Vanuatu taken from orbit. You can rocket from one island of Vanuatu to another almost instantly and click on an island to see what's there and what Vanuatu activities are available.

Vanuatu diving and activities

You will find information on SCUBA diving vanuatu, vanuatu sport fishing, vanuatu sailing and international sporting events There is a whole section on how to get married in vanuatu , the best tours, and shopping, restaurants, car rental vanuatu   vanuatu weather as well as the less interesting but utilitarian information on Vanuatu visas and customs information, travel-tips, banking, in Vanuatu. You can even see the local time in Vanuatu in case you need to call to reserve your hotel room.

If you want to organize a group trip to Vanuatu, The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu CD ROM has complete information to help you organise a Vanuatu Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events in Vanuatu

For the most fun adventuring and holidaying in vanuatu get a copy of the Rocket Travel Guide to Vanuatu and plan your perfect vacation in the south pacific.

Vanuatu Photos

There are over 1400 high resolution Vanuatu photos, including 360 degree panoramic images of Vanuatu scenic places and the fabulous Vanuatu culture of these islands.


New Caledonia Vacation Information

We have produced a series of websites with professional pictures of New Caledonia. Visit these sites to see images of New Caledonia - it's a great way to start to plan your new caledonia vacation.

If your really want to plan a vacation to New Caledonia, order a copy of the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia. This is a virtual new caledonia map ( or carte nouvelle caledonie ) that shows all of New Caledonia from space. The travel guide to New Caledonia is far more than just a map. It is an atlas of tourism information about New Caledonia with over 700 tourism features pin-pointed on the satellite and aerial images. You can also take a virtual cruise on the New Caledonia Lagoon here.

You can find any new caledonia hotel with just two clicks, plus there is a summary about Noumea hotels and resorts to help you set up your new caledonia vacation. It is the best possible tool for planning your new caledonia vacations - especially if you don't speak French.

Anse Vata is the international travel center of Noumea and the Rocket Guide has details on all the hotels in Anse Vata noumea new caledonia. This is where you'll find the big Noumea hotels and resorts, fine restaurants, and a zillion things to do. The waterfront of Anse Vata Beach and Baie des Citrons beach is backed by the majority of Noumea's Hotels and New Caledonia conference venues, the majority of the New Caledonia restaurants, the best beaches, the Aquarium, shopping malls, new caledonia tours agencies, and casinos.

Travel to new caledonia starts with flights to new caledonia and domestic flights in New Caledonia. New Caledonia visas are not required for most tourists who plan on staying less than three months, but it's best to check to be sure.

Noumea is the place to organise a visit to the world's largest coral reef lagoon - you can rent New Caledonia fishing boats, New Caledonia boat rentals, yacht charters and boat trips , new caledonia diving trips, are all organized in Noumea and all of the details on how to do this and who to contact are on the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia.

Visitors to New Caledonia should consider a domestic flight to the Ile des Pins (Isle of Pines). Isle of Pines New Caledonia accommodation, range from four star hotels to camping. The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia shows all the accommodation of Isle of Pines on high resolution photographs, both from the air and on the ground - including virtual reality tours of many of the resorts.

The Loyalty Islands is another part of New Caledonia worth visiting. There are three Loyalty Islands, Ouvea Island, Lifou Island, and Mare Island. Lifou is actually larger than the island of Tahiti and has only a couple of thousand people living on it. These are great holiday destinations and well worth a visit. Ouvea has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Rental cars in new caledonia are only slightly more expensive than in Australia, so fly/drive vacations combined with camping, is the least expensive way to travel throughout new caledonia. The Rocket Guide to New Caledonia has a special Fly/Drive holiday section with road maps, camping sites and New Caledonia accommodation on Grande Terre outside of Noumea.

New Caledonia travel info is well organised and easily accessible on the Rocket Guide so you can quickly get information on most of the essential things you need to know for a New Caledonia holiday - such as the current rate of exchange of new caledonia money, the local new caledonia time and business hours, information on New Caledonia Internet cafés and New Caledonia Mobile phones - GSM New Caledonia,

There are a wealth of activities for visitors to New Caledonia - the French people of New Caledonia adore sports of all kinds and are very active. Which means that visitors will find all the facilities they could wish to enjoy themselves. For some sporting ideas see, New Caledonia Horseback Riding and New Caledonia golf courses.

Cruising guide to New Caledonia - Guide Nautique Nouvelle Caledonie

The Cruising Guide to New Caledonia is in both English and French, with information on location bateau nouvelle caledonie, location bateau noumea, mouillages nouvelle caledonie, guide mouillage nouvelle caledonie

For people who wish to visit New Caledonia aboard cruising yachts, or people who fly to New Caledonia and charter a yacht, the New Caledonia cruising guide shows detailed information on new caledonia anchorages new caledonia marinas,noumea yacht services, yacht charter noumea, superyacht services new caledonia, new caledonia weather and new caledonia ports.

High resolution satellite and aerial photography provide detailed nautical charts of new caledonia. These nautical maps of new caledonia
create a unique sailing guide for new caledonia that opens new possibilities for new caledonia yachting and yacht charter new caledonia .

Travel Information on New Caledonia in French

Guide Nautique Nouvelle Caledonie et un Guide pour les plaisanciers qui navigent en Nouvelle Caledonie, ou seu qui veulent naviger en Nouvelle Caledonie avec les location bateau nouvelle caledonie, le guide mouillage nouvelle caledonie utilise photos satellite et photos aeriennes avec superpose toutes les info nécessaires pour la navigation et les mouillages nouvelle caledonie. Il y a aussi des compagnies de location bateau noumea qui a des petits bateaux a moteur ou des gros bateaux a voiles ou a moteur.

Le Rocket Guide de nouvelle caledonie est un Guide sur CD-ROM, interactif et a haute vitesse pour vous aider à organiser vos voyage nouvelle caledonie et ces Iles. En Français, Anglais et Japonais se Guide est conçu pour les professionnels du voyage et tourisme nouvelle caledonie les personnes qui veulent organiser eu même leurs vacances et hotel nouvelle caledonie, leur activitees coome la plongée nouvelle calédonie ou la plongée nouméa.La navigation sur le Guide utilise le system de pointer et cliquer pour l’exploration de la Nouvelle Calédonie de l’espace aux récifs, toutes les info nouvelle caledonie. Aussi vous trouverez la meteo nouvelle caledonie et la monnaie nouvelle caledonie

Le Rocket Guide de Nouvelle Calédonie utilise des images aériennes et des images satellites mieux qu'une carte nouvelle caledonie qui permet a l’utilisateur d’aller facilement d’un coin a l’autre de la Nouvelle Calédonie pour se familiariser avec plus de 700 points touristiques et activités en Nouvelle Calédonie, avec toute leurs coordonnées et les Email et web site adresses sont des liens actifs. Come Google Earth espère d’être mais beaucoup mieux, vous pouvez zoomer de l’espace jusque dans les chambres hotel nouvelle caledonie ou dans la foret pour un tour virtuel. En plus un lien pour la meteo nouvelle caledonie . Inclus sont aussi des images sphériques come cette image sphérique de La Promenade Best Western Luxury hotel noumea.

 Le Guide s’ouvre avec une photo satellite de la nouvelle calédonie et un menu avec liens aux informations  pour la Nouvelle Calédonie.
Pointez à une ou autre zone de la Nouvelle Calédonie et un petit résumé apparait avec info pour cette région de noumea le lagon.
Cliquer sur une région pour aller plus prés, vous aurez une photo satellite sur l’écran de cette région.
Vous pouvez aussi utiliser le « rechercher » pour trouver facilement un hôtel ou hébergement ou plongée centre nouvelle calédonie par son nom et y aller avec un clic.

Le CD vous montre des images a haute résolution plein écran, pas d’attente. Tout est instantané bien organise et facile a utiliser. Un system de navigation très facile à comprendre.
Il n’y a pas de publicité le CD vous montre seulement le réel sans embellir avec des mots, les photos parlent mieux que des mots. Nous vous montrons les informations factuelles, comme un annuaire nouvelle caledonie.

Mettez le curseur sur un nom ou un icone un résumé et un point qui localise et montre exactement ou se trouve par exemple vol nouvelle caledonie, l’hôtel ou gite, apparais sur la photo satellite.
Vous pouvez facilement vous familiariser et réviser touts les aménagements et leurs coordonnées et les info nouvelle caledonie, et aussi heure noumea horaire noumea pour les visiteurs de la metropole. La monnaie nouvelle caledonie et les banques pour les visiteurs etrangers, le tourisme nouvelle caledonie pour les vacances.

Ensuite vous pouvez explore les autres aménagements,les noumea location voiture, les activités comme la plongée nouvelle calédonie, et les centres de plongée nouméa ,  points d’intérêts comme heure noumea horaire noumea et les hotel noumea et leur coordonnées. Les decalage horaire noumea et tout ce que peut se trouver sur un annuaire nouvelle caledonie .
La page des coordonnées a des liens actifs, pour leur site sur le web et leur adresse Email, en plus de leur adresse postal, téléphone et fax. Si votre ordinateur et branché vous pouvez envoyer une Email directement en cliquant sur le @.

Sur le disque vous pouvez retourner sur toute la Nouvelle Calédonie en cliquant sur le « aller a » sur le menu et aller ou vous voulez en cliquant sur la région ou l’ile de votre chois. Voir les avion nouvelle caledonie d'Aircaledonie et les vol domestique nouvelle caledonie avec les voyage nouvelle caledonie qui sont propose du Nord au Sud, les Iles Loyauté et l’Ile des Pins.

Le Rocket Guide de Nouvelle Calédonie est la meilleur façon d’explorer la Nouvelle Calédonie et de choisir ou aller et quoi faire pendant votre séjour. Si la plongée centre nouvelle calédonie vous interresse ou pour les avion nouvelle caledonie et les vol nouvelle caledonie sans oublier noumea location voiture, toujours plus simpa de faire les reservations a l'avance, le Rocket Guide vous aidera a choisir ou alller et ou rester pendant vos vacance dans le pacifique noumea.

We have also contributed quite a lot of information on the south pacific environment and especially

community participation in science projects in the South Pacific.

As part of my activities with the UN I produced a number of reports, including a project plan on the development of clean energy networks for the Pacific Islands - a first step towards dealing with global warming and climate change as it impacts the pacific islands

In New Zealand we helped develop a series of community based science projects to interest primary school students in their environments. This included a website with primary school science field activities - for both river and coastal ecosystems.

South Pacific Travel Information, with special reference to planning Vanuatu and New Caledonia Vacations led us to set up a South Pacific Web Hosting service where we have hosted all kinds of websites dealing with the South Pacific, including such unusual but vital things as how to find a

dentist in Noumea.

That's enough on our activities and projects. I do hope you have found something of interest here and that you will bookmark this page as the start of the log of the Moira in Papua New Guinea.

If, after all that, you are still looking for websites with content about the South Pacific click right here.